Notary Public Signing

A notary public singing documents is not a new thing. They are appointed by the state to do this very function. But the needs of the people who want their documents authenticated are changing. The services of a mobile notary public are beginning to surface as a better way to get documents sealed. This service offers numerous advantages. First it spares you all the trouble of driving to where the notary is. This can be time consuming and for people who do not have the luxury of mobility this task can be arduous. The option to call a notary to come to you and do the documents in the comfort of your own home is a good option to have. These series can easily be located through the local directory or through the internet. There are online directories of every available mobile notary in the world.

This service not only serves people at home. It is also a necessary service for real estate companies and independent agents to witness documents that seals the sale of the house. Instead of the two parties of the real estate transaction go to the notary, the papers can be sealed on location sparing both the hassle of going around where the document is. Lenders also take advantage of mobile notaries in signing loan papers. Signing agents are now everywhere making loans and financial transactions faster.

Mobile notary services can also go the extra mile – 24-7 availability. Because mobile notaries are the obvious option for people who have transactions on weekends and odd hours the service is made round the clock to make sure that clients can better. Not all businesses and transactions respect local time and regular office hours. For this the mobile notary can be a very handy service.

Notary public signing is an important part of making legal and financial documents binding and authentic. Without it fraud and scams would be prevalent. If you are interested in pursuing this as a source of income you need to inquire in your state’s requirements and qualifications of being a mobile notary.

Travel Fee: $35.00
Notary Fee: $10.00 per signature per page.