Mobile Signing Agent

A mobile signing agent is someone who can take care of your delicate documents that might a have some legal implications. He can also take care of financial documents that need to be sealed in as authentic and binding. The notary public (signing agent) is a very important individual in the process of making or closing a deal. He can act as a witness and be there to authenticate the documents that need to be taken care of after a transaction. Many profession and line of business make use of signing agents like the real estate industry. As the world changes the demands also leveled up. There is no more time to go to the notary public. The notary needs to come to the place of transaction for ease and convenience of the two parties involved.

A mobile agent can serve the state in many ways. Fast tracking transactions are one and of course the other would be to answer to immediate needs that might not be answered by the office-based notaries. Mobile today also means around the clock. There are many mobile notaries that also make themselves available 24 hours a day. This is for transactions that do not really respect common time frames of regular working days. The thing is there will be transaction that needs to come down in the weekends and in the oddest hour in a specific place. Nothing could answer to this need better than an on call signing agent. The good thing about this service is the convenience it offers. How many times you have to drive to the city just to have a piece of paper sealed? You can call a signing agent that is posted in your local directory, sit out in the porch and wait for him to come see your document, seal it and authenticate it. It is that easy.

A mobile signing agent is appointed by the state. You need to pass some exams and you must be at least 18 years old to pursue this endeavor. Many people have used this job to meet their needs and many in America today have this as their day jobs.

Travel Fee: $35.00
Notary Fee: $10.00 per signature per page.