Mobile Public Notary

Public notaries were usually in the offices of law firms and local government buildings that offer the service to people who needs to have a witness of financial transactions and legal processes. A public notary carries a license that can be carried and use for 4 years or more if renewal is pursued and the notary is not seen to be entangled with illegal practices. Today the needs of the public also changed. This is brought about by how businesses are done today. A mobile public notary is needed where the person who needs a document notarized cannot go out from his house for various reasons. This can also serve people in the real estate industry very well, where they need business done on location to prevent further complication of their business process.

The market for this service is growing and this is also the reason more mobile notary are listing their services on the directory. If you are planning to get into this profession you need to first and foremost understand the functions of a notary public. You can research online and look for the requirements and qualifications for being a notary public in your state. You will need to take written exams before you can be appointed. When you have your license you can start marketing your services. You can post your services on your local directory, give out calling cards to possible clients like law offices and real estate offices and establishments that might need the services of a notary public.

You can be allowed to take charges for your services. You may want to start with a lower fee than what others are offering but be sure to consider your incurred expenses of driving around to get to your clients. Your fees must be able to finance your needs and make it a sustainable source of income. A mobile notary public can charge by the distance or time to take to get to the client. This is very possible to do as you build your clientele. Be sure to give exemplary services that are both friendly and very professional.

Travel Fee: $35.00
Notary Fee: $10.00 per signature per page.