A Mobile Notary

If you wish to have a document notarized in the comfort of your home, office or place of transaction you can contact a mobile notary. This service is becoming more common these days as people and their needs are changing. Mobile notary public is a practical solution to off-time notary needs or days where local notary offices are closed for the week. In the case of real estate brokers that can transact any time of the week in sealing the sale of a home, they need a notary service that can come to them and simplify their business process at the same time make sure that the transaction is hassle free and can definitely happen the very same day the new home owner would like to seal the sale.

A mobile notary can charge his or her services by the distance of the place of transaction or the time it took him to get there. There are also some who already have a pre determined rate for specific places. Either way the fees offered are very reasonable when associated to the convenience it offers to clients. Many are opting for this service simply because of the ease and savings on time and effort to process a piece of paper that can sometimes be too much to drive to the city for.

People who engage in this line of work and service are licensed or appointed by the state to do the notary function. They are people with no prior record of fraud or any record of flaws in integrity. The role of a public notary is very important in dealings where financial and legal matters are involved. The very reason why documents are notarized is to ensure that the transaction entered into by two parties is fair and is primarily engaged in trust and good judgment.

A mobile notary will also have to take an examination to make sure that he has what it takes to facilitate and perform the basic functions expected from him. This can be a very sustainable source of income especially when the mobile notary public has exemplary service and a ready helping hand in times of need. This is where his flexibility in time and location comes in.

Travel Fee: $35.00
Notary Fee: $10.00 per signature per page.