Mobile Notary Los Angeles

If you are looking for a mobile notary in Los Angeles then you do not have to worry much about it. They can easily be located in the local directory. If that fails you then you can go online and look for one in the many online directories for mobile notaries all over the US. 123notary is only one of the many online directory sites that can easily provide you with the necessary service details, contact details and even availability of these dedicated public servants. If you want a very important document sealed on time and in a hurry without hassling yourself up you can call them and they will drive to you and get your papers signed and authenticate in no time in the very comfort of your own home. Although the service sounds unnecessary but you will soon find yourself in need of this very service often.

There was once a time that having your documents notarized is hard. You have to look for one in government offices or in law offices and if you need a document signed in the wee hours of the night or during the weekends you will have a hard time doing so as there are no notaries at their offices at those times. If you are also engaged in a business that that has notarized papers as part of your core business transactions having no personal contacts to notaries can also be a very challenging situation. Mobile notaries are people appointed and licensed by the state to perform the notary duties independently making them offer their services anytime and anywhere in the state. This gives them the freedom to post their services 24 hours a day, seven times a week.

A mobile notary in Los Angeles would not be too hard to come by. Some can even knock on your door hours in advance of your own time considerations for the documents that you need notarized and sealed. Sometimes there are just situations beyond your control and it is during these times that a mobile notary can be of great help to you. Either you did some important revision to a legal paper or you forgot to have a very important document notarized, the mobile notary in your state will not fail you in answering to your needs.

Travel Fee: $35.00
Notary Fee: $10.00 per signature per page.